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Frances Salbarrey



Frances Salbarrey is an artist, born and raised in Florida. She began

to receive schooling in art during her high school years. On the weekends,

she would attend painting courses at Human Horizons School of Visual Art in Miami, Fl.

In 1998, Frances graduated from LaSalle High School in Miami, Fl. She was accepted into

Int'l Fine Arts College(The Fall of 1998), which would later become part of Art Institute of Miami.

While in attendance, Frances studied Visual Art with a concentration in Drawing and Painting. She graduated

from IFAC in 2001 with a BFA in Visual Arts.

Frances has exhibited her work in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

At this time, she is drawing and painting portraits of celebrities, civil rights activists and pop culture icons and

combining said portraits with a comic book, graphic style to give social commentary to the modern Resistance Movement.

Furthermore, Frances is looking into The Torah, Kabbalah and ancient Judaic History and writings to learn, if possible,

shed light on, the role of Woman in ancient culture and how said role became perverted and reduced to aspiring housekeeper

and homemaker in modern times.


Crystal Jaudon

Professional Artist and Educator

 • Mentoring and Motivation: Demonstrated commitment to artistic and personal growth by serving as a mentor to other artists in our community. • Communication: Interpersonal communicator with the ability to foster meaningful relationships with artists, event coordinators and gallerists. 


 Developed the Art Therapy and Expression Series hosted by Uncommon Gallery,November-December 2018 Founding Member/ Curator Art Mama Moves 2015-2019 

Shows curated:

 “Art Mama Moves” Vertikal Xscape, Atlanta 2015 “Art Mama Moves: Women Who Rock” Two&, December 2017 “Art Mama Moves” Two&, April 2018 “Art Mama Moves: Summer Riots” Two&, August 2018